For Women


Almost all women suffer from Razor bumps, after shaving their legs, underarms, and bikini lines. This is one of the most painful skin conditions, which if left unchecked, can lead to scarring on the shaven areas. Razor bumps are ugly sores and pimples caused by bacterial infections. They occur when you shave the hair and it curls back into the skin. The sharp hair makes an opening where bacteria, oil, and dirt set in causing the bump to form.

Women of all ages want that perfect bikini line. The bikini area can be particularly problematic because the skin is so sensitive. Razor bumps are not only an unsightly byproduct of hair removal, but they can become infected and cause you pain and skin problems.

Razor bumps and razor burn most often occur when the skin is not moisturized enough prior to shaving. Those with naturally coarse or curly hair tend to suffer from razor bumps more than those with fine hair, as the hair shaft is cut off at an angle and then irritates the surrounding skin as it curls. Using a blunt razor can also contribute to razor bumps as well as shaving too often. A dirty razor blade that introduces bacteria into the skin also can be the culprit for razor bumps.


Now you can enjoy soft touchable skin and avoid painful irritation in your sensitive and intimate areas with the Dermagen Skin Revival System!

Like shaving at the end of a nice warm shower? Apply the Dermagen Skin Revival System prior to shaving and you can even use it to shave your sensitive areas instead of using harsh shaving creams or depilatories.

After that, apply Dermagen to the area again for smooth and moisturizing finish to your shave.

Use daily to prevent reoccurrence of razor bumps and burns and to maintain your skin.

Why women use the Dermagen Skin Revival System?

Many of our female clients have responded with the comments below:

  • I have to shave my legs and underarms at least once a week (or have a professional waxing/ hair removal done)
  • I worry about suffering  from Razor Bumps and Razor Burn
  • I groom my body hair on a regular basis
  • I have sensitive skin and work hard at maintaining healthy skin
  • I use products recommended to me by professionals
  • I want to look good for my partner and have smoother skin
  • I often wear clothing for my profession that requires clean, smooth skin
  • I spend at least $100 a month on grooming products
  • I go to a gym or work out weekly
  • I am fashion concerned or a fashion model
  • I believe my appearance is one of my greatest assets
  • I prefer to use natural products when available
  • I enjoy going to spas and I order waxing services as a luxury
  • I like my beauty advisor to use the same products they sell at retail
  • I know someone who recommended Dermagen